St. Louis Regional Arts Commission

The Arts Commandos

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How it works...

Arts and cultural organizations in St. Louis may submit project proposals to the Arts Commandos three times a year. Generally, the proposed tasks are 'done-in-a-day' type of activities such as ushering for a performance or repainting a dance studio. Shifts last no longer than 4 hours.

Approximate Deadlines

Mid March

Mid June

Mid November

Projects Occurring

June through August

September through December

January through mid-April

The Arts Commandos select the projects they are interested in, working from a master list prepared by the Project Review Committee.

Four chairpersons (typically two men and two women) head up the Commandos' efforts. The Chairpersons are aided by teams of Project Managers (also paired in male-female teams) who act as coordinators for each project. Some projects require only a small Commando workforce; others require many teams working simultaneously.

The arts organizations using the Commandos supply all materials needed for the project, as well as refreshments and tokens of appreciation.

Some guidelines...

Things Commandos will do for your organization
...simple carpentry, painting, project planning, staffing events, bartending, waiting tables, light moving and lots more. If you want to ensure that your project fits the Commandos agenda, feel free to call the Volunteer Coordinator at the Regional Arts Commission, (314) 863-5811.

Things Commandos will not do
...telephone soliciting, heavy moving, and projects of a continuing nature (i.e. every weekend for a month).

Planning for a Commando project
...the Arts Commandos expect a well-defined set of tasks, stated in advance on your enclosed project proposal form. To help facilitate this, Commandos are available to help design your proposal. The most successful projects involve Commandos during the planning stages.

Project Proposal 101 - a step-by-step guide to requesting help for your project.

Request our help!

Project Request Form - Use this form to request Arts Commandos for your project.

Please email the completed form to:
Rebecca Raynes, Program and Research manager at

Any questions, please call Rebecca at 314-863-5811.

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